Xion Nakamura-McIntyre

tiny 15 y/o trans girl rottweiler princess


15 year old four and three quarters feet tall transgirl rottweiler princess from the projects. a friend of roxas and sora’s who has joined them on many “missions”. she’s quick, quiet and a good shot, just don’t ask her to hit anything with a melee weapon and expect her to damage it.


attributes: agility d10, smarts d6, strength d4, vigour d6, spirit d10
skills: fighting d6, healing d6, shooting d8, hunting d4, stealth d10
charisma: 0; pace: 12; parry: 5 ( 5 ); toughness: 5 ( 4 );


outsider: as a trans girl, she receives -2 charisma with bigots
habit: she is dependent on HRT. -1 to all checks if she misses a dose.
small: -1 toughness
loyal: never disappoints a friend
common bond: may give bennies to companions
animal affinity: +4 charisma with animals. they fucking love her.


keyblade: str + d6 | not a real keyblade
hoodie with puppy ears: official uniform of the rottweiler princess.
heelies: improves maneuverability, +1 to parry


Xion Nakamura-McIntyre

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